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Technical equipment at high level…

RENTAL PRO was established in 2000 and since then it has concentrated on technical arrangements of musical and cultural events of all kinds; it gradually extended its technical equipment and became one of the largest companies providing sound and light systems of the highest quality.



From vision to final production…

RENTAL PRO offers over-all service for realization of company and product presentations, conventions, concerts, concert tours, fashion shows and other various events. We offer complete service from vision to final production, including selection of suitable place or building or stage project, sound system, light system, safety measures, printing of tickets and posters and distribution and pasting up.

Team of professionals who love their work…

Our team belongs to professional elite in this field. Moreover, we are in contact with elite professionals from foreign suppliers, thus, we are able to provide their co-operation on realized projects in case of any special demand.

Complete service according to your budget…

RENTAL PRO offers realization of presentations and shows of all different kinds: fashion shows, product presentation, convention or show for your company party. We provide complete solution according to your budget. We use excellent technical equipment and our team is an elite in its field.

Comprehensive services…

RENTAL PRO offers complete services for company events and presentations:

  • Stage design, 3D-visualisations (Wysiwyg), decorations production
  • Stage systems, mobile roofed stages and platforms
  • Aluminum components and traverses
  • VIP and large-capacity tents, dancing floors, glassed fashion-show walkway
  • High quality sound systems with the newest digital technologies for interiors and exteriors
  • Inventive and creative lights by means of conventional lights and latest LED lights
  • Wide-screen video-projection, LCD, plasma and LED panels
  • Fascinating laser show LPS Germany (3D show, water wall…)
  • Lightning of buildings
  • Mobile sound and video recording
  • Rental of power generators

Within concert tours, we offer complete services from rehearsal studio to DVD production to musicians and bands.






Finally, a system that works the way you work.
For too long now, the business of a sound rental company has been dictated by system manufacturers. You need one type of system to be in the touring market, another for corporate jobs, and so on. It all adds up to a lot of boxes that often spend more time in the warehouse than they do on the road.
STM changes all that. The concept of Scale Through Modularity delivers a new level of versatility, enabling contractors to design a wide range of systems from just four core modules. And in applications large and small, these systems can significantly outperform existing solutions.



NEXO 45N12

The revolutionary NEXO 45°N Series is the world’s first line monitor product line, bringing all the benefits of line array technology to the stage.




You can find PM5D-RH console in every rider of world-class bands and it belongs to indispensable equipment of huge rental companies. The most demanded and reliable – legendary YAMAHA PM5D-RH. RENTAL PRO bought this console in original roadcase, including 2 voltage sources. Moreover, the console is equipped with EtherSound cards AUVITRAN AVY16 – ES100, that provide digital sound transmission into other devices, e.g. digital stageboxes, amplifiers, recorders. The cards allow direct recording into tracks to PC in high quality of 48 kHz/24 bit. more



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