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Properly placed lights and light effects complete put the finishing touches on the atmosphere of the space and the overall impression of your event. We will light up buildings, exhibitions and spectacular music shows.


  • American DJ SDC-16
  • High End Systems Road Hog 3 Full Boar
  • JB Lighting Licon 1X Tourpack
  • LSC Maxim M
  • Ultralite DMX 12ch
  • GLP Light Operator 24
  • GRAND MA WING + DELL Inspiron 2330


  • Robert Juilat ALEX 1117 Followspot
  • Sagitter Super Tracer HTI 2500

Fog machines

  • MDG Atmosphere APS Hazer CO2
  • Look Unique 2
  • Enterprise TC3
  • Antari Snow

Strobe lights

  • Atomic strobo AT3000
  • Strobo 1500W – DMX
  • UV GUN 400W


  • LPS X-Beam+ 3000RGB
  • LPS X-Beam+ 5000RGB
  • Fog Machine F3000

Chroma-Q Color Web 125 Modular LED Panel

Intelligent lights

  • JB Lighting LED A12 RGBW Zoom
  • JB Lighting LED A7 RGB Zoom
  • JB Lighting LED A8 RGBW
  • High End Systems Technospot 575W
  • JB Lighting Varyscan P3 HTI 250 Spot
  • JB Lighting Varyscan P4 280W BEAM
  • JB Lighting Varyscan P6 HMI 575 Spot

Lighting effects

  • LED STRIP ADJ Mega 24 Pro
  • LED Par 12x5W ADJ QWH12X
  • Cameo FLAT PRO PAR 12x10W RGBWA

Conventional lighting

  • Set Par Bar 4x Par64 CP61 – 6x 1000W
  • Par 56 300W T300
  • Par 64 Floor 1000W CP62
  • Par 64 1000W CP61
  • Audience Blinder 4xDWE
  • Audience Blinder 8xDWE
  • ARRI Junior 1000 manuell
  • ARRI Junior 2000 manuell
  • ETC Source Four 750 W 19° + ETC Lens Tube 36° + ETC Iris

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