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A concert experience is made primarily thanks to the excellent sound enhanced by the lighting atmosphere.

We design the optimal sound system for the best sound quality, stages tailor made to the bands, spectacular lighting and video stream so that the fans will take away a perfect musical experience.

Our experienced technicians can even handle acoustically problematic rooms, designing and building professional equipment so the sound evenly covers the entire auditorium.

According to the riders of the band, we will equip the stage with quality lighting technology that accentuates the whole musical show. In larger halls, we are able to hang large screens on the construction so our cameramen can transfer what is happening on stage for distant viewers.

We even build and atypical stages, proceeding according to your requirements and space requirements. We pay attention to safety – we construct lighting technology for the stage and ramps using original certified components. The hall can be equipped with comfortable chairs with numbers.

We can also work with tight schedules, but timely communication on the form of event and preparation in advance can bring a lot of vital information to the organizer and save resources.