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We let each instrument in the orchestra stand out. We know how to provide the sound for ensembles and challenging projects.

We can propose a covered stage according to the size and needs of the orchestra. A unique feature of the events is the high load bearing capacity of the stage thanks to the given number of the orchestra. Our engineers can build these stages from high-quality and certified building systems to meet all safety requirements. Terraced grandstands for spectators can be equipped with comfortable chairs and covered.

Sound engineers are able to design and deploy a large sound system and set up the equipment in such a way that even demanding listeners will not miss the sound of any instrument. We have a large mixer consoles, and a number of high-quality condenser microphones, which are a given for events at this scale.

We equip stage lighting equipment from renowned brands and large screen to provide background lighting of the atmosphere so even the most distant viewers can see a soloist like those in the first row.

We can also work with tight schedules, but timely communication on the form of event and preparation in advance can bring a lot of vital information to the organizer and save resources.