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Unique space arrangements, a deluge of live flowers, spectacular and rich catering and an excellent programme are already to be expected at the Ples jako Brno ball.

The organizer has built a new tradition of opulent event experiences in Brno, with unique arrangements of space and an inundation of live flowers and magnificent and rich catering with original food styling. The charismatic Tomáš Matonoha served as the moderator. Appearances were made by: Eddie Stoilow, Jump of the Year, Latino-American temperament music by Santiago Ferreira, the winner of StarDance Anna Polívková danced with Michal Kurtis, the dance floor was under the command of the Zatrestrand Swing Orchestra and the Rolling Stones Revival band. From the other programme: a charity auction of unique works, the Birth of Ice Sculpture, a Magic Show, Famous personalities were present not only on the stage, but many were also guests. Rental PRO technically assured this event.