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This year’s 7th-annual Agel Comapny ball was held in Barrandov’s studio number eight in a Latin spirit.

In cooperation with the Slovak architect and stage designer Michal Skrach, we installed our equipment for two days in accordance with the proposed stage. Thanks to the Litec Libera design that served as a pre-rig over the main stage, we were able to hang all the required elements exactly as required by the architect. Altogether, 200 meters of the Litec QD 40 construction was suspended.

The final atmosphere consisted of over 300 JB-Lighting and High End Systems lights. Above the heads of the guests, a ColorWeb effect network from the English company Chroma Q shimmered into three truss squares five meters away. The uniform sound coverage of an area of 1890m² was solved using an STM line array system from the French NEXO brand. The NEXO 45N12 monitors have always met with positive feedback from musicians. An InnovaSON Eclipse FOH console and a Yamaha PM5D-RH monitoring console were connected by an EtherSound network.

Among the most interesting music guests that performed were Vašo Patejdl and Jano Baláž from the band Elán. The evening was accompanied by moderators Tereza Kostková and Libor Bouček