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25,000 believers attended a Holy Mass at the National Eucharistic Congress in Brno.

Rental PRO was selected for organizing and the technical provision of the historical first National Eucharistic Congress, which took place at the third weekend in October in Brno.

We provided a turnkey solution for this important event, from designing the stage and the layout, clearance of necessary permits to producing and the complete technical assurance.

A concert called THE EXTENDED HAND was held in Svoboda Square on Friday 16.10, where Pavel Helan, The Tap Tap and ESPÉ performed.

The congress culminated with a Holy Mass on Saturday 17.10, to which 25 thousand people attended. After the end of the church service, there was a procession of the town Zelný Trh, where the main Saturday programme ended with a confession of faith and a blessing,

People watched the events on large-screen displays located on both squares and adjacent streets. For providing sound to all of the places, we chose the top-notch NEXO STM sound system.

We look forward to working together to implement similar events.

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