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The Smetana Hall of the Municipal House in Prague was the venue for the ceremony of the winner of the only national beauty contest, Czech Miss 2016.

The award ceremony of the twelfth-annual Česká Miss 2016 beauty contest, the only national competition, took place on 2 April on the beautiful premises of the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House in Prague. Andrea Bezděková took the crown of beauty from the competition

The success of the entire programme to choose the queen of beauty, which was broadcast live on Prima TV with the well-known moderators Leoš Mareš and Libor Bouček , was also in part due to our sister company AV MEDIA as an official technology partner, and Rental PRO as a subcontractor.

The Smetana Hall was dominated by the magnificent scene by architect Marek Hollý, which included a special LED wall with a high resolution of more than 180 m2. The actual stage and the catwalk stretched almost one hundred metres.

In order to place the LED walls, the rich light park and the sound system, it was necessary to create a stand-alone structural truss system because the space of the Smetana Hall did not allow suspending the technology under the ceiling. Lukáš Foniok from Rent PRO designed and executed static and dynamic calculations according to which Rental PRO team of engineers built the scene.

The built-in stage of Smetana Hall was a great challenge for the Rental PRO team. This has a very limited load carrying capacity due to the technology of the outward panels. Therefore, we had to support the massive truss structure so that its weight, including the suspended technology, was sufficiently spread out over the surface. In addition, we had to reinforce the hollow spaces of the subway with spacing bars. The tight space required the construction to be made with accuracy down to the last millimetre.

Rental PRO also provided the complete sound system for the event using a NEXO STM M28 system, including a spectacular set of speakers and sound exposures with a combination of NEXO GEO S8 systems. Particular emphasis was placed on monitoring the transmission frequencies of all micro ports used.

Since the final evening was broadcast live on TV Prima it was necessary to meet all the specific requirements of the TV production and to complete the whole scene in advance for two-day general tests that went into the gala evening.

For more on the technical solutions of AV Media: http://www.avmedia.cz/reference/detail/59_2951-ceska-miss-2016