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This year also shone the colours over Ostrava together with RENTAL PRO

The third weekend in July traditionally belonged to one of the biggest festival in the Czech Republic. It was repeatedly among the 10 most interesting European festivals last year. RENTAL PRO provided complete sound and light on the Arcellor Mittal stage.

The musical feast has featured star Jacob Banks, ethereal Aurora, energic Beth Ditto, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, dark Cigarettes after Sex, dancing Ziggy Marley, as well as Marpo & Troublegang or Jaroslav Uhlíř, whith whom sang all czech audience, well-known songs and more.

Our sound engineers made execelent sound, which was made of the most modular NEXO STM system - we brought over 170 cabinets used for main PA, outfill and delay tower. The system's power supply 60 NXamp 4x4 amplifiers. The signal distribution for the sound system was solved by EtherSound and Dante. Most artists used the mixing console provided by our company Avid Profile and YAMAHA CL5. Correct synchronization of the complete sound system was done by Antelope Audio world clock generator. Maximum comfort for the musicians on the stage was made by the most powerful wedges NEXO 45N12 and the YAMAHA PM5D-RH.

The fact that the musicians were happy was also testified by their reactions they sent us:
"As a Marpo & TroubleGang band, we had a great experience with thesound system supplied by Rental Pro. Subjectively, we have never had a better sound. Thank you and we strongly recommend! "

Michal Šamánek, manager


Lights have been a safe bet this year, cooperation with ROBE has paid off and we have been able to produce an excellent light desing that has been able to meet the most demanding needs of artists. Excellent new MegaPointe lights have worked, which have been able to thrive with others in large numbers. The ROBE BMFL Blade and ROBE Spiider lights have enjoyed the large stage space and the atmosphere they created to be breathtaking.

The whole light show was hosted on Road Hog 4 or GMA Light.

Our partners with oneAVteam Yventech delivered the LED image