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Another year of the Colours of Ostrava festival took place in Ostrava.

This year we provided sound for the ArcelorMittal stage at the Colours of Ostrava festival (41pcs NEXO GeoT, 24pcs NEXO CD18, NEXO PS15, 4pcs stack NEXO Alpha, InnovaSon Eclipse, YAMAHA PM5D-RH, M7CL-ES), lighting (Road Hog Full Boar Console including Wholehog DMX 8000 Processor, 24pcs HIGH END SYSTEMS Technospot ™, 40pcs JB-lighting JBLED A7 Zoom, 42pcs LED strip ADJ Mega 24PRO, 10pcs MARTIN Atomic 3000, ARRI, LOOK, MDG), roof (LITEC Libera76 26x16m) NivTec and two LED screens.