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The Heulos Amphitheatre in Jihlava was filled with over 10,000 visitors at the second-annual Vysočina Fest.

Rental PRO provided the technology for both stages, the Óčko Stage and the Soul Stage. Over 10,000 visitors could enjoy the biggest Czech and Slovak stars such as Wanastowi Vjeci, Tata Bojs, Mig21, David Koller, Chinaski, Three Sisters, Tublatanka, Richard Müller, Tomáš Klus, Petr Bende, Iné Kafe, Cechomor, J.A.R., Vypsaná fixa, Skyline, Yo Yo Band  and more.

The Óčko stage – a 30m-wide stage with a LITEC Libera 76 roof, a NivTec stage, JB-lighting and HES lights, a NEXO STM and a GeoS12 sound system, NEXO 45N12 monitors and a YAMAHA sound console.

The Soul stageLITEC roofing, a NivTec stage, JB-lighting, a NEXO GeoT sound system and NEXO PS15-R2 monitors.