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The Pálava grape harvest has a long tradition in Mikulov, with this year’s 68th-annual harvest attracting a record 53,000 visitors.

The 68th Pálava grape harvest was held in the newly reconstructed Mikulov Amphitheater, which was visited by 53,000 visitors. Besides wine tastings and other accompanying programmes, they could also enjoy star singers - Ondřej Brzobohatý, Ivan Hlas, Hradišťan, Věra Špinarová, MIG 21, Portless, Elis, Ondřej Ruml, Hana Zagorová, Martina Jandová, Monkey Business, Michal Hrůza and many others.

Rental PRO participated in the preparation and technical realization of the festival. We chose a NEXO STM system to provide perfect sound for the area. The overall design was greatly was markedly enhanced by new JB-Lighting Beam/ Varyscan P4 Spot lighting.