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Every year in October, thousands of visitors visit the traditional Burčákové Festival in Hustopeče.

The Burčákov festival took place in Hustopeče at the beginning of October, where nearly twenty thousand visitors could taste great burčák (young wine) and enjoy the varied accompanying programme.

On Friday, at the opening ceremony, the maashauses were opened, followed by a fire show and a performance by Tomáš Kočko and his orchestra. On Saturdays, the atmosphere of a medieval fair was accompanied by period music and dancing; in the evening visitors could hear Martin Chodúr or the bands Mňága and Žďorp.

Rental PRO contributed to the technical security of the event with great pleasure. NEXO’s top-of-the-line sound provided the audience with a perfect musical experience, while JB-Lighting underscored the atmosphere of the entire event.

Photos from the event can be seen on the site:  http://hulisty.rajce.idnes.cz/.