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The main star of the sold-out 9th-annual multicultural festival Čarodějáles was the German rock metal group Guano Apes.

At the end of April around St. Philip and James Night, the traditional multicultural festival “Čarodějáles” (http://www.carodejales.cz/) was held in Brno. The 9th-annual festival was held for three days for the first time. The main star of the sold-out Saturday programme was Guano Apes, a German rock metal band who played their newer and oldest hits for enthusiastic fans for more than an hour.

The festival got underway on the smaller stage on Friday, with Mňága a Žďorp, Čankišou, Poletíme, Mucha and Circus Problem. They all played on our new Nexo STM M28 boxes, which were premiered here.

Meanwhile, RentalPRO’s technicians completed the installation of lights and sound apparatus on the larger Starobrno stage into a Litec LIBERA 76 roof structure so everything would be tip top on Saturday. We also produced great sound here with the time-tested Nexo STM system.

The Saturday programme was on both stages and culminated with The Qemists from the UK and their wild show combining rock guitars with electronic music. Monkey Business from the Czech Republic with Matěj Ruppert and Tereza Černochová were also great. Also worth mentioning are other bands: Pipes & Pints, Fanfara Transylvania, Bijouterrier & Kuko (Horkýže Slíže), Polemic, Krucipüsk and Animévíce.

The Sunday program was aimed at small visitors.

RentalPRO provided the complete technology for both festival stages this year.