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Legendary saxophone player Wayne Shorter, a ten-time Grammy Award winner, appeared at the JazzFest in Brno with his quartet.

One of the most important jazz concerts this year in the Czech Republic took place on 13April at JazzFestBrno (http://www.jazzfestbrno.cz/) at the Laser Show Hall at Bobbycentre in Brno. The legendary saxophonist Wayne Shorter, a ten-time Grammy Award winner and one of the greatest live jazz composers, came to Brno with his quartet. The other members of the quartet rank among the top jazz musicians in the world like him: Brian Blade on drums, John Patitucci on double bass and Danilo Pérez on the piano.

The Wayne Shorter Quartet excels in music where it is necessary to hear every tone or change in colour, which brings high demands on sound quality. The Nexo STM sound system is capable of achieving this high standard.

Together with the Yamaha CL5 and the Lake Processing digital mixing unit, these formed the basis for the sound of the hall. We used the Yamaha QL5 monito console on the common Dante network. Thanks to the Gain Compensation function, both the monitor and the main sound engineer could arbitrarily change the input levels on their console using a single stagebox.

Sound engineer Rob Griffin, the holder of several Grammy recordings for various albums, took over the Nexo 45N12 podium monitor. According to him, the new Nexo series pleasantly surprised him and he hopes to use it on his travels around the world. Even Rental PRO is looking forward to another meeting with this world-renowned sound engineer.