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Senior executives of OVB Allfinanz 2016 met at the G2 pavilion at the Brno Exhibition Centre.

A meeting of senior executives of OVB Allfinanz 2016 was held at the G2 Pavilion at the Brno Exhibition Centre in mid-April, which was moderated by Libor Bouček.

Rental PRO took care of the technical support of the event together with its parent company AV MEDIA. The hall was dominated by a 25 x 9.5 meter stage with panoramic projection along the entire length of the stage and complemented by two lateral projections.

Besides erecting the stage, the technicians from Rental PRO hung a projection screen, the sound system and JB-Lighting lights on the truss structures, which was set up in the conference hall bearing the blue corporate colours.

Nexo Geo S and Nexo STM S118 bass modules achieved the clean and clear sound of the whole conference. The speakers were heard thanks to the excellent Nexo 45N-12 line monitor.