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Jaromír Nohavica was the first Czech artist to have two back-to-back concerts in the O2 arena.

Jaromir Nohavica was in the O2 Arena in Prague for the first time and is the first Czech performer to have two back-to-back concerts! The first concert was with the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava under the direction of Marko Ivanović and second concert was with outstanding Polish accordionist and pianist Robert Kuśmierski.

Rental PRO participated technically at these concerts with SOUND: P.A. - NEXO STM, GeoS8, NEXO 45N12 monitors; YAMAHA CL5 and CL3 Sound Boards. LIGHTS: 22x HES Technospot, 48x JB-lighting A7, 16x JB-lighting A8.