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Vojta Dyk sang alongside the famous jazz singer Kurt Elling backed by B-Side Band orchestra from Brno.

After the successful Open Air Tour of Komerční banka, which culminated in a concert at the MFF Karlovy Vary, singer Vojta Dyk with the B-Side Band orchestra from Brno, led by band-leader Josef Buchta, let it rip throughout the Czech Republic and visited Vienna as part of the KOMERČNÍ BANKA CHRISTMAS TOUR 2013. The special guest was the world-famous jazz superstar, Grammy winner, and a man considered one of the best jazz singers today - Kurt Elling.

The concerts took place in the Mahen and Jážek Theatres in Brno, the Congress Centre in Prague and the Porgy & Bess club in Vienna. Rental PRO handled the entire technology for these concerts.