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One of the many summer performances by Vojtěch Dyk and the B-SIDE BAND led by Josef Buchta, took place in the famous amphitheatre in Strážnice.

As a partner of this project, Rental PRO completely arranged this concert.

Vojtěch Dyk uses a combination of in-ear monitoring with a pair of Nexo PS15-R2 speakers for his personal monitoring. Nexo speakers are used for the rest of the big band, specifically the revolutionary 45N12 monitors in combination with MIPRO in-ear systems for the rhythm section and the PS10 for the brass section. The 18 monitor paths in total are mixed on a Yamaha M7CL mixing console. The sound for the listeners is always the work of the sound master, Pavel Vojta, and an INNOVASON Eclipse console.

Nexo GEO S8 sound system was selected for this event, which thanks to its characteristics guaranteed perfect sound throughout the amphitheatre. The Light Park for Vojtěch Dyka’s tour features a combination of JB-Lighting A7 and A8 lighting, HIGH END SYSTEMS Technospot and others.