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New York Voices, the American quartet and several-time Grammy winners, were accompanied by the B-Side Band from Brno at the Sono Center in Brno.

B-Side Band from Brno and the several-time Grammy winners, the American New York Voices performed as part of the Moravia Music Fest in Brno.

This vocal quartet usually performs a cappella, so this concert in the Sono Center in Brno was truly exceptional. A pair of Innovason Eclipses and Yamaha M7CL mixing consoles on an EtherSound network assured brilliant sound in the hall and the comfort of the musicians on stage.

Rental PRO provided four unique NEXO 45N12 monitors for New York Voices. Thanks to the features of these boxes, the singers could move freely within a confined space without changing the sound spectrum. The musicians appreciated this quality already during the sound test.

For the big band, 45N12 boxes were also used in combination with the classic PS10 ones.