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The British music group Morcheeba, led by singer Skye Edwards, visited the Brno Boby Center in December 2014.

Morcheeba was introduced to Brno for the first time in the full and original line up with singer Skye Edwards. The entire technology for this exceptional concert event was provided by Rental PRO.  

The Nexo STM sound system ensured perfect sound for both fans in the lobby and the band itself, as it was not only used as the main sound system, but also as a sidefill for the band. The monitor system also featured the proven Nexo PS15-R2 with a Yamaha M7CL mixer. Robin Tombs, Morcheeba’s sound engineer, chose a Yamaha PM5D-RH mixing console as the main sound system.

The entire audio system was controlled by the EtherSound digital protocol.