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The Karlín Forum in Prague culminated with the sold-out nationwide tour of B-Side Band from Brno together with Vojtěch Dyk.

Vojtěch Dyk’s first studio album was released in December 2014 with B-Side Band from Brno, which has been dominated the Czech music scene for several years under the leadership of the band leader Josef Buchta.

This extraordinary combination of a distinctive singing personality and top music band played a brand new repertoire after two very successful, sold-out nationwide tours. At the concerts, there were compositions composed by composers Ondřej Brousek, Boris Urbánek, and bass guitarist of B-Side Band, Tomáš Vunderle Koudelka, and others. The tour culminated on 18 April at the Karlín Forum in Prague.

Rental PRO has been technically involved for all of the band’s projects from the beginning. A constant and enthusiastic team always pays off with the astonishment and satisfaction of the audience. An InnovaSON Eclipse digital console was chosen due to the large number of microphone inputs, connected to an Ethersound network with a Yamaha M7Cl monitor rack, while a NEXO Geo S system was chosen as the sound system for most of the halls. We used the latest and most powerful system of NEXO STM in the Karlín Forum. The light park was made up of spotlights from High End System Technospot CMY and JB Lighting A8 wash. The stage background effect was by a Colorweb 250 network.