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This spectacular and popular performance in Europe of Carmina Burana came to Brno for the first time.

One of two exclusive performances by Carmen Burana in the Czech Republic took place at the DFRG arena at the beginning of May in Brno. This spectacular and populart performance in Europe of Carmina Burana came to Brno for the first time. In the first part of the concert, the well-known compositions of Peer Gynt Edvard Grieg and Bolero Maurice Ravel could be heard.

Carmina Burana is a cantata by the German composer Carl Orff composed on the motifs of medieval religious, satirical, moralistic, love, drinking, etc. poems and songs. It is an exceptional piece of classical modern music, which is often used as a film soundtrack thanks to its dramatic and dynamic music.

The spectacular Brno performance was primarily composed of a 200-member ensemble directed by conductor Norbert Baxa. The overall impression was also enhanced by a multifunctional stage with visual effects, large projections and accompanying pyrotechnic effects.

RentalPRO provided the complete technical support for the event. Our technicians achieved the pure and clear sound by our NEXO STM and NEXO S8 sound system, the orchestra and soloists were captured by an AUDIX SCX studio condenser microphone and our soundmen mixed everything with an InnovaSON Eclipse digital console. The atmosphere of the whole performance was highlighted by the JB-Lighting Varyscan P4 lighting effects and the Chroma-Q Color WEB effect projections.