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More than 31,000 young fans filled the halls for performances by the young progressive band Slza.

The young musical band Slza formed by Peter Lexa and Lukáš Bundil have gained success not only from their fast-growing camp of fans, but also from music critics. Their debut album Katarze, which won triple platinum in the fall, was also nominated in the Anděl Music Awards. Slza also reached the Top 5 in the category of Band of the Year in the poll at Český Slavík.

Rental PRO technically assured the hopelessly sold out Katarze 2016 tour in autumn. The excellent sound coverage in all the rooms was great thanks to the NEXO STM M28 modular system. The stage lighting was created by lighting from the JB-Lighting workshop using immersive effects that excelled due to them being placed deliberately and the suitable use of P4 rotating heads.