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A series of three Advent concerts in December by Aneta Langerová delighted hundreds of her fans in sold-out theatres in Brno, Ostrava and Prague.

Aneta Langerová expanded not only her traditional string trio, but also added brass instruments with Adam Koller sitting in on the drums for these special concerts, which were the culmination of the season. The concerts actually brought a wave of joyousness. Aneta came across as happy working with the band and it was evident they were having fun and that they all enjoyed the joy of playing.

Rental PRO has been a proud partner of this exceptional singer for several years and we are pleased that we are there to see how Aneta matures and lightens up those around her.  We are delighted that the work of our technicians and the excellent Nexo sound system (STM M46 and B112 bass and S118, Frontfill M28) contribute to her success and great sound. Pavel Vojta took care of the excellent sound with an Innovason console. The atmosphere of concerts was pleasantly tinged by the original lighting design by Martin Chlapec (PRO Rental), being sensitively responsive to the atmosphere and lyrics and was comprised of JB-Lightning and HES Technospot lights.

Photo: Helena Kadlčíková (www.helenakadlcikova.com)