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The most famous opera by the French composer Georges Bizet Carmen could be heard throughout Třebíč at night at the end of May.

Třebíč saw the open-air monumental performance with an international cast open-air saw for the first time last year. The crowded auditorium watched Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Nabucco. Sound tests of an artistic ensemble consisting of a sixty-member symphonic orchestra began in the morning with an opera choir with 180 members and five soloists. The orchestra was conducted by conductor Norbert Bax and the performance was directed by Michael Tarant. The atmosphere of the open-air performance was enhanced by the silhouette of the castle with St. Prokop’s Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mezzo-soprano Andrea Kalivodová, a soloist of the Prague State Opera, was featured in the title role. The role of Don José was played by the Mexican tenor, Rafael Alvarez.

RENTAL PRO provided the complete technology for this event, including: the sound system (30pcs NEXO GeoS8, a NEXO CD18, a NEXO PS10, PS15 and an InnovaSON Sy48 sound system); the lighting technology (JB-lighting A7, ARRI and HOG); LITEC Libera 76 roofing, an NivTec stage; LED screens including camera transmission and subtitles; 1,700 pieces of padded chairs and the viewing area was equipped with a mobile floor. The light park was powered by a super silent generator.