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The monumental production of the opera Nabucco was staged at the Ondrej Nepela Winter Stadium in Bratislava.

The NABUCCO MONUMENTAL OPERA project took place in the Ondrej Nepela winter stadium in Bratislava at the beginning of June, the monumental production of Giuseppe Verdi's most famous opera Nabucco.

The monumentality is not only due to the lavish scene, but also because of the high quality international cast of leading soloists, as well as in the numerous opera choirs and orchestras and the special pyrotechnic effects and large-scale projection. All this is enriched and enhanced by precise and distinctive conducting and directional leadership. RENTAL PRO provided all of the technology for this event.

The sound technology comprised of 24 pcs of NEXO GeoS12, 24 pcs NEXO GeoS8, 4 pcs NEXO CD18 and an InnovaSon Sy48 sound console. JB-lighting was used for the lighting technology, ARRI, LITEC Libera 76 rigging, CM lodestar, NivTec stage and video projection including camera transmission.