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Soloists Eva Urbanová and Miroslav Dvorský were the stars of an open-air opera performance at the Lochotín Amphitheatre, where well-known melodies from the operas The Bartered Bride, Rusalka, Her Foster-Daughter.

An opera concert was given at the open-air amphitheatre in Lochotín, starring Eva Urbanová and Miroslav Dvorský, as well as the soloists, choir and orchestra of the J.K. Tyl Theatre.

Well-known melodies from the operas The Bartered Bride, Rusalka, Her Foster-Daughter, Carmen and others were performed. 

Rental PRO completely technically assured the event. The artists performed on a 15x13m stage, which was lit up by intelligent JB-Lighting lights and ARRI reflectors. MDG Atmosphere haze generators were used to underscore the overall impression. A NEXO STM system, the excellent NEXO 45N12 monitors and approximately 70 Audix SCX-one microphones provided the listeners excellent sound. For full experience of the show, two LED screens were also installed.