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The world’s leading piccolo trumpeter Otto Sauter performed with the top ten trumpeters in the world.

Otto Sauter, the world’s leading piccolo trumpeter, founded the ensemble “Ten of the Best” in 1991, including the top ten trumpeters in the world including leading trumpet groups such as the Vienna State Opera Orchestra, Mozart’s Salzburg Orchestra, the Royal Opera Orchestra in Stockholm, the Göteborg Symphony, and also renowned solo players in Europe and America. Since 2008, the ensemble of ten trumpeters, including guitarist Dominic Miller and Sting’s percussionist Rhani Krija , Level 42 keyboardist Mike Lindup  and others perform with the ensemble of ten trumpeters accompanied by the piano, double bass, percussion instruments, keyboards, guitars and percussion. The news from the festival can be viewed in the broadcast of MHF Stars Český Krumlov 2012. The company provided a covered stage, lighting and sound system for this concert.