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The Canadian Tenors performed at the final concert of the International Music Festival in Český Krumlov.

The Canadian Tenors are an exciting mix of classical and contemporary pop and their inventiveness has gained audiences of no age difference all over the world. These are four talented and charismatic singers with strong voices, commanding different singing styles, who also have solo career of international dimensions. Millions of listeners all over the world have already been captured by their beautiful voices, amazing humour and easy-to-remember melodies. They have earned critical acclaim and standing ovations from Tel Aviv to New York and have collaborated with a number of other stars such as Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, Sheryl Crow, Neil Young, Celine Dion and Paul McCartney. The news of the festival can be seen in the Stars of MHF Český Krumlov Stars 2012. We provided the sound for the final concert (P.A. 24pcs NEXO GeoT, 4pcs NEXO CD18, NEXO PS10), an InnovaSon Eclipse digital console, a YAMAHA M7CL-ES, PS15 monitors, AUDIX microphones for the orchestra (50pcs SCX1, ADX60), lighting (HOG 1000, HIGH END SYSTEMS Technospot ™ lights, JBLED A7 Zoom, ARRI, ETC), a LED screen including camera transmission, LITEC Libera76 16x15m roofing, a NivTec15x11m stage and 16x12m grandstands.