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The final gala concert of the festival delighted the audience with a beautiful music and light show and fire-dancing acrobats.

Eva Dřízgová-Jirušová - soprano, Patricia Janečková - soprano, final winner of Talentmania 2010, Peter Malý - tenor, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Olomouc, conductor Paolo Gatto. Mozart’s fire serenade, Pa-li-Tchi show, design by Jaroslav Štolba, Vojtěch Dědina.

The final gala concert of the festival provided listeners with a dual experience: auditory and visual. The concert programme of W. A. Mozart, G. Donizetti and this year’s jubilee G. Verdi was replaced by Mozart’s fire serenade, a traditional final light show with fire-dancing acrobats, inspired by the magic of A Little Night Music this year – music that Mozart wrote for a night party in the castle garden.