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Jonas Kaufmann, the Opera superstar and the best-know tenor in the world, opened his extraordinary concert at the International Music Festival in Český Krumlov.

The star guest, accompanied by the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra and its conductor Jochen Rieder, also involved the young South Korean soprano Sooyeon Kim, who participated in the concert with two separate arias.

Rental PRO used the NEXO GEO T system to provide the exceptional sound quality, which is the ideal choice thanks to its cardioid characteristics. AUDIX SCX-one and Schoeps microphones were mixed on an Innovason Eclipse GT digital mixing console with Diocore stage boxes connected to the ethersound network, which also allowed the inputs to be shared with another Eclipse console, located in the Czech Radio transmission car. The NivTec stage with giant 37m Litec LIBERA 76 roofing made it possible to create a beautiful scene enhanced by the German JB-lighting. Thanks to the LED screens and camera broadcasting, viewers in the cosy tribune seating (Nivtec/Litec) could enjoy every detail of the extraordinary event.