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Czech audiences will see a specially modified version of the legendary work of Leonard Bernstein with Vojtěch Dík in the lead role for the first time.

Leonard Bernstein’s MASS was written for Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of the American President, and is the best work of this composer. This immensely complex work, composed for three choirs, a rock band and a symphony orchestra, premiered in 1971

A specially adapted version of this project with Vojtěch Dík in the lead role of Celebrant under the direction of the Cabanas Brothers was introduced in the Czech Republic for the first time.

RentalPro provided the complete technology for this unique project. To amplify this challenging production, Yamaha CL5 and CL3 consoles were coupled into a cascade together with four RIO stageboxes.

A stand-alone Innovason SY80 monitor console contained over two dozen tapes personal monitors around the stage. Nearly 20 Sennheiser systems with DPA headset microphones were used for the soloists.

JB-Lighting and High End System lights illuminated the almost 8 meter-high stage. Everything was controlled by an MA Lighting console.