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Our company was founded at the beginning of 2000 and from the start we have focused on providing the technology for musical and cultural events. The gradual expansion of our technical facilities and services has developed into one of the largest rental companies that offers the highest quality sound and light equipment.

We have a long-term experience in international touring, concerts and festivals. Among our best known references include arranging the entire speech by President Barack Obama during his first appearance in Europe. In terms of technology, we also ensured concerts by world-famous opera stars such as Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Cura and Monserrat Caballe. We worked with our partners during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI., worked for Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, proved ourselves in tremendously successful concerts by international stars such as Alanis Morissette, Alice Cooper, Bobby McFerrin, the European tour by Scooter or concerts by Aneta Langerová, Vojtech Dyk & B-SIDE BAND and Čechomor.

In addition to technical support for concerts, tours, festivals and community events, we also provide the technology for conferences, fashion shows and expositions at exhibitions and fairs, etc.

We offer full “turnkey” service from design to the final production and from chamber music events to large and complex projects. Quality technology, an experienced team and an emphasis on quality and safety, puts us at the top in our field.

Thanks to an acquisition, we have joined together with AV MEDIA, a.s. as of September 2015. Together with the companies AV MEDIA and Yventech, we make up the oneAVteam and we are able to provide our clients with an even broader portfolio of services of the highest quality.