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AV MEDIA EVENTS has joined forces with YVENTECH and RENTAL PRO, henceforth offering an even wider variety of services

Prague, 1.9.2020 – AV MEDIA EVENTS is consolidating its position on both the Czech and the international markets. On September 1, 2020, AV MEDIA EVENTS merges with its sister company YVENTECH, a rental equipment and services provider best known for their work on outdoor and sports events. Earlier this year, YVENTECH absorbed Rental Pro, popular mostly in the music and touring industry for its experience with providing audio and lighting solutions to concert tours and the largest Czech festivals. Thanks to the shared know-how of these companies, AV MEDIA EVENTS provides the widest range of audiovisual services in the country, offering solutions for company meetings, galas, exhibitions, conferences, congresses, sports events, concerts and even festivals.

“The fact that we needed to maintain operability in these times of significant shifts and changes of the market has only catalyzed our long-term effort to create one strong partnership, capable of providing its clients with technical solutions on the entire spectrum of their requirements,” comments AV MEDIA EVENTS (AVME) COO and CSO Jan Kubinec. “Together we will consolidate our position in the international field of AV services and accelerate our creativity and innovation into new types of events on the domestic market. We will do our best to reignite our clients’ interest in creating and organizing meaningful and captivating events with us. I believe that our clients will recognize us as first-class providers of AV services, not only for the high quality of our solutions but also for our ability to adapt to the harsh environment of the shift towards hybrid events.”

The merging of these three companies will create a one-stop-shop for clients, providing them with complete, high-quality services for any type of event. AVME is most known for its AV solutions for congresses and conferences. The unification and sharing of know-how will strengthen the company particularly in the field of outdoor events, concerts and festivals. AVME offers a wide variety of proprietary, unique technologies, as well as many years of both domestic and international AV experience, and the capacity to provide its clients with tailor-made events, from start to finish.

AV MEDIA EVENTS – All events under one roof

Official press release here: Press release_AVME